rosa oliva oil

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rosa oilva oil is a hand-crafted, medium weight, and deeply moisturizing facial moisturizing oil for all skin types with a carefully selected mixture of pure natural oils for smoother, balanced, nourished and hydrated skin.

This formula has an olive oil base, which gives a thicker application for more moisture-locking power while frankincense gives a firming finish. 

Ideal for extra dry skin year round or all skin types during cold/dry weather.


Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Bulgarian Rose Oil, Frankincense Oil, English Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, and Tea Tree Oil.

Each ingredient is pure, natural, and unrefined.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

For everyone and every age.

Recommended Usage

Apply 3-10 drops to damp, cleansed skin morning and/or evening. Massage gently in upward motion over face, neck and chest. 

Can be used as primary moisturizer, as a serum before moisturizer of choice, or added to moisturizer of choice to boost effectiveness. Adjust amount of oil depending on usage.

Store product in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Always spot test product on skin before using as directed.

Use within 6-12 months.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

The absolute best, most nourishing and clarifying face oil of all time. Cannot put anything else on my face now. Simply the best.


So nourishing for my skin! I love the way it feels and smells. Best face oil I have ever tried.

Kelly Wallace-Barnhill
Rose Gold for your face

I am now completely unable to live without this face oil in my daily regimen. Nothing compares. My skin glows everyday. I swear it’s like the elixir of life and youth! Well worth the price, which is still less than some of the fancy face creams out there. It’s hydrating without being too oily. My skin soaks it up like it’s the exact nourishment it needs, and I just love that it’s completely natural. Honestly I have never felt better about a skin product.

Rosa Clave oil

Better than Crème de La Mer. I was given the entire line and discontinued thousand of dollars of what is said to be the pan ultimate and switches to Clave.
I can’t recommend Clave more. From how gentle the amazingly light and refreshingly scented formula to its long lasting effectiveness - this oil has been unparalleled in a lifelong search for facial moisturizers to clear my skin as well anti aging properties. I use it on my neck a few times a day one too if twice for my face. I am so sensitive and I never react to this pure organic formula. Thank you Naomi!!

Absolutely amazing product.

I cannot stop using my clave. rosa oliva oil! Its a light, fresh, and beautiful scent I can’t get over. I will definitely be buying more of this product and other products from this company. My skin has never felt cleaner. I also have very dry skin, especially in colder times. Using this product has gifted me soft skin that’s never dry and irritated. Highly recommend this.

Jillian Wilschke
So good!!!

I buy this for my mom and she loves it so much! She’s tried the regular oil and she prefers this one for drier/more mature skin

Perfect for winter

This oil is just what my skin needed as the temperatures have dropped! Every fall my skin get weird dry patches. Then my makeup doesn't go on well. Then, I try to over compensate, and make my questionable skin worse! Not this year! HOORAY! Rosa oliva oil to the rescue. This layers in beautifully with my jarabe or the crema oil. Just a couple of drops of the rosa when I use it with one of the other ones. Or I looovvve to slather it on at night all over my face, neck, and chest. And in the morning I'm NEVER greasy. Just smooth and glowing! No dry skin anywhere since incorporating this oil to my regimen. Rosa oliva is here to stay!

Hydration is an understatement!!

This oil is SO beautiful and so incredibly hydrating. My skin usually is so dehydrated and breaks out after traveling. I traveled with a mask on for over 24 hours straight and my skin was so dry. I slathered my face with this oil and went to sleep and I woke up and my skin was glowing, hydrated, and not one breakout! It’s like magic✨