[Spanish: clah - veh]

The key, code, cypher, or fundamental, essential component.


A percussion instrument/rhythmic pattern used as the structural core in Afro-Caribbean music.


So… what’s the story behind clave.? 

I officially founded clave. in 2020 after almost 10 years of personally hand-crafting and testing my own skincare and household products at home. 

10 years?! I know… It was a long time ago that clave. was actually born and I didn’t even realize! 

It all started when I decided to go all natural and chemical free. I realized that even though I was very selective about the food I ate, I was still slathering chemicals all over my body and absorbing them through my largest organ; my skin! From that moment on I committed to coming clean and that meant starting over with everything. Yes, everything.

The problem was… I had a lot of the same experiences with natural products as I had with regular products; they’d work well at first and then stop working for me after a while. I felt like I was always being pushed to buy something newer and better and I wasn’t in control of what I needed anymore. It wasn’t enough for it to be natural, it had to WORK!

So, instead of settling for what I could find (which wasn’t much at the time) I spent years learning, creating, refining, and minimizing my lifestyle and the products I needed to their most essential and effective forms… one by one… myself.

It took lots of failed recipes and ideas, but with time I was able to create products I could depend on consistently, without the chemicals and filler ingredients I didn’t want in my body or in my home. I cracked the code and made it my own.

The best part though? I finally felt free and in tune with myself in a much more intimate way. 

It was like that moment when your favorite song comes on and you lose yourself in the music… the beat just carries you… your body and mind feel completely free but at the same time you have full control of every little move you make. You know and trust in that moment that as long as you follow the beat everything else will always fall into place!

That beat in Afro-Caribbean music is called “la clave,” and that’s what my creations became for me. They are the beat I know will always carry me through and the key to freedom in my own space.

For years clave. has been my constant; my daily staple no matter what. And now it can be yours, too!

Naomi E.