About Us

[Spanish: clah - veh]

The key, code, cypher, or fundamental, essential component.


A percussion instrument/rhythmic pattern used as the structural core in Afro-Caribbean music.


c l a v e .  was founded by Naomi Eduardo in 2020 after 8+ years of personally creating and testing hand-crafted, pure, all natural and potently effective products for every day use. 

Growing up in a Latin household meant being efficient and finding multiple uses for everything. Mastering the basics and keeping it simple whenever possible was the key; "la clave."

After deciding to go all natural and chemical free in 2012, she spent years refining and minimizing her lifestyle and products from skincare to laundry detergent to their most essential forms. The goal was to achieve simplicity and effectiveness while using natural and pure ingredients. Finding the fundamental components and producing a high-quality product.

That's how  c l a v e .  was born. Just like la clave in your favorite salsa song, it's a constant you can rely on. Every day.


Simple. Natural. Effective. Your daily c l a v e .