Will using a facial oil make my skin oily or greasy?

No! If used properly in your skincare routine a facial oil will nourish and mimic your skin's natural oil production for smooth, radiant, glowing skin. Refer to our blog post The Oil-Free Myth for more details.

What size should I get?

We recommend starting with the 0.5 oz size face oil to start out and upgrading to a larger size once you know how much product you need. Don't forget to subscribe for auto-ship once you find your perfect size so you never run out!

Are  c l a v e .  products unisex?

Yes! All our products are intended to be used by everyone. Refer to our blog for tips and ideas on how to use products.

How should I store my  c l a v e .  products?

All our products are all natural and made with pure ingredients with no fillers or preservatives so they are best kept in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight or heat. 

Do  c l a v e .  products expire?

All our products are all natural and made with pure ingredients with no fillers or preservatives, so they do expire within 6 - 12 months. Refrigeration will extend the shelf life slightly, but it is difficult to quantify exactly how much. It is recommended to use our products within the 6-12 month window for best results.

Are  c l a v e .  products safe for use during pregnancy?

We do not use any ingredients tor quantities that are harmful or toxic in any way, however it is always recommended to defer to your doctor and spot testing on skin before continued use of any product.

How do I know if I am allergic or have a reaction to a product?

It is difficult to know without getting tested by a professional what ingredients or products you may have a reaction to. We always recommend spot testing any new product to see if you have a reaction or allergy before using as directed.

What do I do if my product melts/freezes or has an inconsistent texture?

If your product has been exposed to high or low temperatures, you can return it to its original form by gently heating the entire container in hot water (do not microwave or apply direct heat) to melt or placing in the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes to re-solidify. Once the product has stabilized, leave at room temperature and mix well to restore the original consistency. Always make sure the container is sealed tightly to avoid introducing water into the product which can lead to bacterial growth over time.